E-Government Solutions

Popularity Digital Processes Category Digital Form Workflow Watch Demo
1 GIS Map Internal
2 Report a Concern Complaints
3 Mosquito Prevention Health
4 Dog License Animal
5 Marriage License (English) Resident
6 Marriage License (Spanish) Resident
7 Rental Registration Statement Housing
8 Cat License Animal
9 Residential Occupancy Permit Housing
10 Business Registration Business
11 Landlord Registration Housing
12 Certificate of Continued Occupancy Housing
13 Garage and Yard Sale Resident
14 Commercial Business Registration Business
15 Canvasser, Solicitor, Hawker, Peddler Business
16 Landscapers License Business
17 Peddlers License Business
18 Solicitors License Business
19 Disabled Veterans Tax Exemption Resident
20 Open Public Records Request Resident
21 Senior Citizens Tax Deduction Resident
22 Vital Records (English) Resident
23 Veteran Tax Deduction Resident
24 Vital Record (Spanish) Resident
25 Citizen Leadership Volunteer Resident
26 Vacant Property Registration Housing
27 Report a Broken Meter Complaints
28 Purchase Requisition Internal
29 Senior Citizen ID Card Resident
30 Rent Control Registration Housing
31 Animal Intake Animal
32 One-Use Parking Pass Parking
33 Parking Meter Rental Parking
34 Certified 200ft Search Request Resident
35 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Resident
36 Resident Parking Permit Parking
37 Leaf Collection Application Nature
38 Zoning Application for Fence Housing
39 Gasoline Station Permit Business
40 Trailer Park/Trailer Camp Permit Business
41 Sidewalk Café Business
42 Theater License Business
43 First Time Home Buyer Application Housing
44 Non-Resident Parking Permit Parking
45 Recreation Field Use Recreation
46 Parade/Flag Raising Application Resident
47 Going Out of Business Business
48 Filming License Application Business
49 Alarm Registration Housing
50 Automotive Repair Facilities Automotive
51 Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages - BYOB Business
52 Florist License Business
53 Kennel, Pet Shop, Shelter or Pound Business
54 Gasoline Dispenser Renewal Automotive
55 Shed Application Construction
56 Block Party Events
57 Tree Removal Permit Nature
58 Community Garden Application Nature
59 Special Event Application Events
60 Street Opening, Curb or Sidewalk Engineering
61 Taxi Limo Driver Automotive
62 Taxicab Operator Automotive
63 Tennis Court Use Recreation
64 Tree Removal Contractor Business
65 Use of Borough Facilities Events
66 Use of Showmobile Events
67 Donation Clothing Bins Business
68 Dumpster Pod Permit Housing
69 Shade Tree Complaint Complaints
70 Plant a Tree Nature
71 Open Air Parking & Junkyard Dealers Parking
72 Barbering Cosmetology Hairstyling and Manicuring Business Business
73 Limousine Operator Automotive
74 Employment Application Resident
75 Construction Permit Construction
76 Animal Canvassing Animal
77 Private Permit Housing
78 Zoning Permit Resident
79 Mobile Vendor Application Business
80 Electrical Permit Construction
81 Plumbing Permit Construction
82 Mechanical Permit Construction